Lindsey Vait,

  University of Maryland Baltimore County
Winter 2009

I am so happy I got this opportunity!  It should be a requirement of photo majors to take a business class, but it’s not.  If you want to know how to run a successful photography business, be an intern at John Harrington Photography.  It’s more office work then you would like or expect, but that’s where you learn the most about the inner workings of a business.

Washington DC photographer John Harrington: Lindsey Vait in Washington, DC.

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Most Enjoyed:

I had full use of John’s equipment, and recieved encouragement to shoot events with him when it was possible.  I was able to build my portfolio with images of people such as Maria Shriver, Newt Gingrich, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, and Billy Corgan.

Least Enjoyed:

Driving John’s car around DC, clearing out and organizing the garage, and not being able to go to the president’s first state of the union address.

What I Learned:

The “how to” of running a successful business in the field of photography (he did write the book on it), from client negotiations and getting the contract signed, to post-production and delivery.  The more questions you ask, the more you learn.  John will answer every question you ask and will give you more information than you had originally intended on hearing.  He will do everything from explaining why he used a certain lighting set up to helping you refine your resumes and cover letters for job applications. 

If I sat here and explained everything I learned during my 2 month internship, John might get upset with me because I should be out in the garage working.  Peace out.

Washington DC photographer: Portrait and Editorial Photography in Washington DC

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