Taylor Heasley,

  Ohio Weslyan University
Sumer 2011

I really enjoyed this internship because it allowed me to learn about the different types of photography businesses.  For example, I experienced both a corporate photography job and a photojournalism job.

Washington DC photographer John Harrington: Taylor Heasley in Washington, DC.

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Most Enjoyed:

I enjoyed learning the business aspects of photography along with more information about cameras, lens, and photography itself. I also enjoyed being able to experience professional photography shoots from a hands on perspective by helping with set ups, holding equipment, and learning from professionals.

Least Enjoyed:

My least favorite part of my experience was the realization of how inconsistent the scheduling is as a professional photographer.  It had never realized that as a photographer you could have a few shoots in one day and nothing the next.  It is very different from a typical eight-hour workday I am use to hearing about.

What I Learned:

I have learned what it is like to be a professional photographer and what it takes to successfully run a business doing so.  I learned that to be successful in this field you must be well organized, good with people, and obviously a good photographer.  Also, I now know more about different lens and flashes that I had no experience using before.  Lastly, through this experience I have confirmed my interest in pursuing photography. 

Washington DC photographer: Portrait and Editorial Photography in Washington DC

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