Lauren Sandkuhler,

  University of Maryland Baltimore County
Winter 2006 - 2007

“A few weeks before I graduated from college, I had some serious concerns about having chosen photography as my major. Despite my years of study, I felt completely lost and unprepared as to how to actually carry out the business of being a photographer. John has reminded me by example that it is critical to follow your passion, and that making a living from photography is an achievable goal with hard work and dedication. He has provided me with the knowledge that was lacking in my education about the business of photography. During the duration of this internship I was pushed to do things that I would never have done on my own and never thought I would be able to do. Probably the most surprising aspect of the internship for me was the fact that it did not feel like a typical internship. I did not feel like I was there just to take out the trash and pick up a few tips by observing. It was incredibly satisfying knowing that my hard work was actually an integral part of the process.”

Washington DC photographer John Harrington: Lauren Sandkuhler in Washington, DC.

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Most Enjoyed:

“I loved going on shoots! Probably the most memorable experience I had was photographing Gerald Ford’s funeral. But photographing the State of the Union, Al Gore, and concerts at XM were at the top of my list as well!”

Least Enjoyed:

“Setting up and breaking down the soft boxes was definitely one of my least favorite things to do during the internship. John can do it with a flick of his wrist, but I would struggle for a good 15 minutes.”

What I Learned:

“John has taught me the importance of top notch client service, and that you don’t necessarily have to be the best photographer to have clients return. Watch John interact with clients and you will understand how he gains the client’s trust and keeps them coming back. John has also taught me everything I now know about the entire post-production process. I can even say with confidence now that I have a much improved understanding of Photoshop. Other invaluable lessons I learned include time management skills, multitasking to meet critical deadlnes, and how to handle high pressure situations. I am incredibly greatful to have learned so much and been exposed to so many new experiences in such a short period of time.”

Washington DC photographer: Portrait and Editorial Photography in Washington DC

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