Lauren Kasmir,

  University of Maryland Baltimore County
Summer 2007

“With one more year left in college I had not begun to grasp the fact that life is full of responsibility. I may have told myself time and time again but it never really sunk in. John prepares you for the real world. YouÕre standards for yourself must be higher than anyone else expects. The time spent with John on shoot is invaluable, there is so much to be learned and soak in. Ask as many questions as humanly possible because John is there to help and not only on the photography aspect, but as well as the business aspect.”

Washington DC photographer John Harrington: Lauren Kasmir in Washington, DC.

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Most Enjoyed:

“I most enjoyed the time on shoots, not only because it got me out of the office, but because it was a time to see how John has kept in business for 17 years. There is a reason for everything that he does and it was interesting to see how he works his business. To name drop a little, I loved going to XM events and meeting people like Mandy Moore, Def Leppard, Bob Saget, Bobby Valentino, Ciara and TI. My most memorable moment was at Screamfest featuring TI and Ciara, where in the middle John turned to me and asked, ÒIf you could shoot either TI or Ciara, who would it be?Ó A few songs later John hands me his camera and says go. I was able to shoot for maybe 5-8 songs and even got a picture of 50 Cent, who was unexpected to the fans and photographers.”

Least Enjoyed:

“Lifting the equipment to and from different vantage points during the shoot on a 90-degree day with humidity. However, I must say that I was not alone, John was right there next to me with armfuls of equipment. ”

What I Learned:

“I have learned that photography is 90 percent business and only 10 percent photos. Someone who is mediocre can make it in this business because they know how to run a business, while someone who is truly talented may be taken advantage of and put on the back burner. Never sell yourself short. If you shoot a wedding for 500 dollars and say a normal starting out photographer charges 1500 dollars, then you just gave the bride and groom a thousand dollar gift. It is okay to charge money for your photos; you cannot sell yourself short. One of the major things that I have learned is that if you are going to be a photographer then you need a website. John has been very helpful in looking at my photos and critiquing them according to what a potential client would be looking for. The lessons that I have learned at John Harrington Photography will help me even after I leave this internship and for the rest of my life. ”

Washington DC photographer: Portrait and Editorial Photography in Washington DC

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