Josh Bachman,

  New Mexico State University
Spring 2008

If you already have drive and know what you want out of photography or even if you don’t. This internship will give you more confidence to pursue your goal.

Washington DC photographer John Harrington: Josh Bachman in Washington, DC.

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Most Enjoyed:

Having a press credential, the trick is to use the press credential after John gets it for you. This press credential allowed me to shoot on my own time, which I loved! Besides that I had a great time on shoots, getting to see how John handles clients gave me some sense of how to operate in those kind of situations. John’s openness with all parts of his business was great! Driving around D.C. and being able to ask John any question I had has given me a solid knowledge base to think back on and use in my own work.

Least Enjoyed:

The least enjoyed part of my internship was seeing the look on John’s face after I wrecked his jeep.

What I Learned:

Wow that’s a hard question to answer, first off I learned how to run a freelance photography business. Learning everything from talking to clients on the phone or interacting with them on a shoot. What I really learned was that no matter what anyone says you can make good photos and make money doing it!  I also learned that to make it in this business you can’t undervalue your work. Just because you are new on the block doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be taken any less seriously.

Washington DC photographer: Portrait and Editorial Photography in Washington DC

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