Erica Nelson,

  Brooks Institute
Fall 2007

“I think that this could be one of the best internships available in photography. John Harrington is a great mentor that truly cares about helping new and upcoming photographers. He will show you every aspect of his business and has a lot of knowledge and experience to impart. He can challenge anyone to improve upon themselves and I am thankful for this experience.”

Washington DC photographer John Harrington: Erica Nelson in Washington, DC.

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Most Enjoyed:

“I really enjoyed going on shoots and the variety of subjects, from conferences and speakers on Capitol Hill to famous figures and artists at XM to editorial and environmental portraits. Seeing and listening to how John deals with his subjects and clients was full of Òteachable momentsÓ. I also enjoyed the networking opportunities at local photographers meetings and going to Photo Plus Expo in New York. Meeting people in the presence of John Harrington is sooo much better than not. I liked feeling a part of a team, which is sometimes rare in the field of photography. I appreciated all the advice John freely and kindly has to offer. And then there was the Presidential Debate I got an all-access pass to shoot at, and that was in my first week!”

Least Enjoyed:

“I gotta say, high speed car rides and carrying camera bags at the pace required to keep up with a 6Õ7Ó photographer in a hurry. I know that heavy gear is a given in this business, but I still donÕt enjoy it. Oh, and scanning was probably my least favorite activity in the office, since it comes with little gratification or sense of accomplishment, especially when you see dozens of boxes of more slides waiting to be scanned in the back room.”

What I Learned:

“Well, the short answer is…a lot. I learned what it’s like to be a busy, successful and prominent photographer in DC. I learned some ways to improve upon my post-production workflow and all about business systems from estimating to invoicing. I was reminded about the importance of copyrighting your work and how to handle yourself in front of clients. Best of all, I confirmed that this is where I want to be and what I want to do with the rest of my life.”

Washington DC photographer: Portrait and Editorial Photography in Washington DC

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