Ben Trivett,

  Edinboro University
Spring 2008

“After completing my internship, I have to reflect back and think of everything I have learned, to be honest, it’s quite overwhelming, from just sitting and listening to John talk on the phone and how he handles clients to being on a plane back and forth across the country for a month, it really was a lot to handle. I was forced to think like I had never done before, taught to speak to clients and other professionals in ways that I had never known or even thought of before. I could go on and on”

Washington DC photographer John Harrington: Ben Trivett in Washington, DC.

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Most Enjoyed:

This is hard for me also, we definitely had our share of excitement, probably my favorite moment at JHP was our trip to Vegas and sitting up front for the Beatles Cirque de Soleil. Yeah. That would have to be it. Other then that, traveling and getting to shoot, I did not expect to have all of the chances I did to get into events and shoot.

Least Enjoyed:

Probably scanning slides, more mind numbing then anything, but still not horrible. When I think about it, the worst was getting the short end on the XM jobs that I had heard so much about. Almost forgot, the days and days spent transcribing video (even though it helped me learn all of the equipment much quicker).

What I Learned:

Details. I think over the course of the last few months I have learned to pay attention to the little things that really make the difference. Music on a shoot, “Nicely and Neatly”, and even things like shooting tethered that really can swing a client. I learned the right way to talk to clients and negotiate properly. I really learned to understand my own worth and not be sold on someone wanting to not pay the proper fee for a job. Another thing that has really helped me since I’ve been here is the ability to multi-task, to be able to run post, scan slides, pack bags, and many of the other duties I had all at once.

Washington DC photographer: Portrait and Editorial Photography in Washington DC

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