Do we offer internships? Yes.

Most internships offered at John Harrington Photogaphy are paid, with some exceptions. Curious about the exceptions, and why the positions are unpaid? Click HERE.

John feels strongly in the concept of apprenticing, or, more commonly referred to as internships. While all photography schools teach you about f-stops, shutter speeds, and composition, what you don't learn in any classroom is:

  • How a business runs
  • How to make a living
  • How to charge enough to pay your bills
  • How a photography business markets itself
  • How negotiations occur
  • How images are prepared for client review
  • The extent to which work on basic office tasks must be done vs. making pictures
  • How contracts and estimates are created specific to a client
  • How invoicing is done
  • How follow-up is done appropriately on unpaid or late invoices
  • Copyright, registering and protecting images
  • What equipment you need, and what you don't.
  • Using labs versus doing darkroom work yourself

You'll have the opportunity to learn some or all of the above depending upon the length of your internship. Where your internship is for academic credit, click HERE to review our program obligations agreement, and discuss it's contents with an academic advisor.

John works with each intern, talking about the importance of running a solid business. He'll work with you on your portfolio (if you'd like him to), and where possible, loaning some of his equipment for projects after an introductory time period. Time is made for discussions between John and interns, and John does a "de-brief" after each shoot that an intern is on location for. During the de-brief, while the shoot is still fresh in everyone's mind, the opportunity to ask questions and query as to why a certain style, lighting, or propping was or was not used. Interns are given a priority consideration when new positions open at John Harrington Photography.

How long is an internship at John Harrington Photography?

John strongly recommends atleast a 2 month internship 5 days a week. This gives the intern participant an immersion experience which allows them to see the beginnings of shoots, following it through the actual shoot, delivering of finished film, billing, and reciept of payment. Several shoots can be simultaneously viewed throughout the internship experience. This internship experience usually can only occur due to student schedules during the Summer months, and John Harrington Photography can offer up to two, two-month internships between the months of May~August.
In the event that a two-month internship is not possible, alternate opportunities do exist for once-a-week and twice-a-week internships. Please indicate your availability when contacting John Harrington Photography.

How do I indicate my interest in interning at John Harrington Photography?

Please e-mail your resume, including photographic experience, familiarity with equipment (both photographic and computer) and the semester/time-frame you are interesting in participating in your internship during. Also please indicate whether you are doing the internship for credit or not. Due to Department of Labor restrictions, only students enrolled in an accredited educational institution may participate in the unpaid internship programs that John Harrington Photography offers.
In an effort to offer insight into interning at John Harrington Photography, John has solicited quotes from previous interns about their experiences. John has been intent on asking for an honest appraisal of their experiences, and the quote and comments have been asked for after their grading has been turned in or at the conclusion of their internship experience, in an effort to get as forthright a quote as possible.

Past Interns:

Taylor Parker 

  Mayland Community College
Winter - Spring 2014

Katie Le Dain 

  Frankin & Marshall College
Fall 2013

Taylor Heasley 

  Ohio Weslyan University
Sumer 2011

Lindsay King 

  Corcoran College of Art & Design
Summer 2010

Lindsey Vait 

  University of Maryland Baltimore County
Winter 2009

Stephen Kitz 

  Bowling Green State University
Winter 2009

Justin Kondar 

  Fresno State
Fall 2008

John Birk 

  Temple University
Summer 2008

Heather Drake 

  Art Institute of Washington
Winter 2008

Jessica Kuo 

  University of California-Berkeley
Summer 2008

Josh Bachman 

  New Mexico State University
Spring 2008

Anne Gatilla 

  University of Conneticut
Winter 2007

Ben Trivett 

  Edinboro University
Spring 2008

Mira Zaki 

  Brooks Institute
Winter 2007

Erica Nelson 

  Brooks Institute
Fall 2007

Brenna Powers 

  Guilford College
Winter 2007

Lauren Kasmir 

  University of Maryland Baltimore County
Summer 2007

Jennifer Heath 

  Rochester Institute of Technology
Summer 2007

Katie Persons 

  George Washington University
Spring 2007

Lauren Sandkuhler 

  University of Maryland Baltimore County
Winter 2006 - 2007

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