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From time to time, we have clients who have expressed their appreciation for the work we do for them. Sometimes, it is a suggestion for placement of a podium for a public relations event, appreciation of the extent of coverage from a news event, or the creativity of a portrait session for publication. Here are some of their thoughts and praise, revealed here in an effort to convey to future clients the degree to which we meet and exceed client’s needs.

The assignment was to cover the Tibetan Freedom Concert’s two-day performances   at RFK Stadium. “John had the instinct to shoot an event related to the Tibetan   Freedom Concert that I hadn’t even commissioned him to shoot. It was out of   this day that we got a great opener to our Faces & Places section.”

—Brittain Stone,

US Magazine


“John Harrington is the only photographer I recommend in Washington, D.C.

“In my opinion, John is an artist who understands the public relations process   and the deliverables our clients expect from a top ten agency like Golin/Harris.  John has worked on two of our top brands, McDonald’s and Chrysler, as well as   many of our smaller clients such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the Points   of Light Foundation and even Playboy Television. Obviously, our client base   is diverse and needs to be addressed in a manner that is both effective and   creative. John delivers on both fronts. In fact, some of the local assignments   John has done for our clients have later been used in national outlets, including   a routine PR shot that was featured in Playboy Magazine.

“Even more impressive to me, however, is John’s ability to interact with our   clients in a manner that makes them feel comfortable and energetic - from Miss   America Kate Shindle to a local 10th grader who just won a $1,000 McDonald’s   scholarship. In short, John always gets the shot…and then he gives you one   more you never thought about.

“When the proofs come back from John, it’s not a question is there one we can   use - it’s which one of four or five great shots do we send to the client. I   don’t take 15 minutes of my (billable!) time unless I believe in somebody or   something. I believe in John Harrington and his work. “

John Morgan,
Vice President,
Golin/Harris Communications
Washington D.C.


“Capturing compelling images of the sport of Golf is not an easy task. The game   is enormously mental and paced slower than most sports. But John is able to   do it! He has been with us since out inception, and has shot over seven of our   covers. His images are not just technically professional, but intensely portray   the game of golf — and are often stylistically appealing. John is easy   to work with, dependable and professional. He directed our team of photographers   covering the Kemper Open with digital cameras and laptops, transmitting the   images back to our offices for our daily special issues. He has been a key component   in the high quality images the magazine has come to be known for.”

Jeff Thoreson,
Managing Editor,
The Washington Golf Monthly


“Over the past several years, John is the only photographer I’ve used —  covering no less than a dozen high-level events for me. He’s been at the Supreme   Court with me, at the House of Representatives, and covering the First Lady.  Every time, John is there early, ready to go, scouting the event. And every   time, he manages to get the shot my client wants.

“Beyond his photography, John is a pleasure to work with. I rely on him to help   frame the shots I’ll need, brief my client and spokespeople on how to get the   most out of his pictures. He understands the need for quick turnaround, accurate   estimates ... everything that a PR manager needs in a photographer. John is   part of my event team.

“On one occasion, I asked John to be prepared to shoot a large explosion from   700-plus yards away. John provided the perfect photography, including several   frames before, during and after the explosion. He captured the image —  in this case the performance of safety glass for my client Solutia — better   than I had hoped.

“I recommend John every chance I get.”

Greg Wilson,
Vice President,
Shandwick Public Affairs
Washington D.C.


“We have sent John on literally hundreds of assignments. His images have   always exceeded our expectations no matter what the subject nor how tight the   deadline. He has traveled extensively for us, logging more than 100,000 miles   in the U.S. and abroad, working under short time frames and tight budgets. His   ability to capture the essence of a country he has never visited before - -  and in only a few days - - is extraordinary. He is an asset to the magazine.”

David Hill,
Director of Photography,
The World & I,
a publication of The Washington Times Corporation


“Throughout my years of working in Washington, the only photographer I have   used is John Harrington. From shooting high-profile celebrities to influential   political events, the high quality, quick response, sincere and professional   style I’ve consistently received from John has made me trust him completely   with my most important events. He has a keen eye and a true understanding of   my business and what “sells” with the news media, which has made it so much   easier for me to deliver results to my clients.

“John is the ONLY photographer I would recommend to friends, colleagues and   clients!”

Laura Noss,
Account Supervisor,
Hill and Knowlton Public Relations.


“In his work for Ketchum’s client, the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company,  John created eye-catching photographs out of mundane subjects. His ability to   see beyond the obvious and execute that vision artistically resulted in continued   requests by the client for his work.”

Deborah Knuckey,
Vice President/Group Manager - DC Corporate Team,
Ketchum Public Relations


“I’ve worked with John on a variety of important client initiatives. From press   briefings with celebrity spokespeople such as Florence Griffith-Joyner, Amy   Van Dyken to Secretary of Health and Human Services Donna Shalala. John has   even photographed one of our most important clients for a piece in Advertising   Age. “I’m glad I’ve found John because I’m confident in his ability and professionalism.  That’s important because I can concentrate on the millions of other details   of these events and let him run with the job.”

Kevin Olchawa,
Account Supervisor,
Bozell Public Relations

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