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Arriving in the nation’s Capital in 1985, I studied at The Catholic University of America, graduating in 1990 with a political science degree. After successfully being published several times, I was asked to come on board chief photographer for The World & I magazine, an internationally published monthly with an audience of educators and government leaders. Shortly after, I was signed under contract by the Black Star picture agency to provide stock images and to fulfill assignments primarily in Washington D.C. As chief photographer for The World & I, I routinely covered The White House. When I began at the age of 23, I was the youngest photographer to obtain that position. I also cover Congress, the Pentagon and other government arenas.

While maintaining a role in Washington photography, I’ve broadened my base into assignments that offer more creatively challenging opportunities. I worked to promote location photography for the magazine and logged thousands of miles to locales such as Cuba, Mexico, Eastern Europe, the Caribbean, and 30 of the 50 states. In Mexico, I shot bullfights and ruins; in the Caribbean, rain forests and local artisans; in Bermuda, pink beaches and haunting lighthouses; in Cuba, poverty and despair; and in California, immigrants crossing the border. I believe my photographs, usually taken under strenuous conditions and on tight deadlines, captured the flavor and personality of the location while also emphasizing the highest level of photographic detail and expertise.

I augment my editorial photography with corporate clients, who appreciate my ability to blend photographic skill and creativity with their specific organizational goals and directives. Using state-of-the-art computer equipment, including film scanners, I am able to meet worldwide deadlines and maximize exposure for clients. I strenuously uphold the guidelines of the photographic industry and have assumed the role of educating influential businesspeople about the art and science of photography today. In addition, I offer an apprenticeship (or intern) program for aspiring photographers. To learn more, click here.

Finally, I satisfiy my artistic whims with photography taken for its own sake—as an item of beauty and inspiration. My photographs have been purchased as art in both Washington and California. One image has been printed as an inspirational poster by the Smithsonian Institution’s Air and Space Museum. As a Native-American photographer, I took my skills and put them to use for the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian. I have completed three books for the museum.

I have two daughters Charlotte, born in March of 2000, and Diana, born in January of 2004.

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