Washington DC Photographer: Pricing - Corporate Web Photography

Corporate web use is defined as:  Use of an image on corporate internet and intranet sites.

WWW Banner: (per image, one year usage) $2,660.00
WWW Home Page: (per image, one year usage) $1,640.00
WWW 2nd level: (per image, one year usage) $740.00
WWW 3rd level: (per image, one year usage) $556.00
WWW Icon: (per image, one year usage) $477.00
WWW Hot Button: (per image, one year usage) $590.00


Pricing has been developed based on a variety of factors. PLEASE NOTE, however, as every shoot is different, and requires different preparation, scouting, and post-production, please contact us for an estimate specific to your needs.

Please include the following in your email or fax:

Voice & Fax
How soon will the shoot be?
Location for the shoot

Please also include a short description of the subject(s) to be photographed, any comps you may have, and the intended use of the final images.

Prep Days are billed at 45% of the creative fee
Travel Days are billed at 50% of the creative fee
Weather Days are billed at 75% of the creative fee

The rate quoted is the "Single Use Fee" for 12 months media usage for a "Single Image" used as the main illustration. The rate does NOT include any expenses, such as assistants, film, processing, couriers, travel, models, props, stylists, producers, location scouts or managers, or anything other than the creative fees.

Cancellation fees
48-72 hours before: 40% of creative fee
24-48 hours before: 65% of creative fee
less than 24 hours before: 80% of creative fee

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