John Harrington Photography Intern Programs

John Harrington Photography offers internships which meet academic requirements for educational institutions nation-wide. Below you will see most of the obligations we commit to where an internship is a part of an academic curriculum. John Harrington Photography agrees to fullfill program obligations such as:


    Provide an internship experience without pay which is broadly educational in scope. Supportive of the stated educational objectives of the program, and directed toward providing the student with a comprehensive understanding of how the organization functions.


    Brief the student about the oranization, including priorities, major programs, products, services, financial issues, and examples of decision making processes.


    Provide the student with opportunities to accompany and observe photographer and staff in meetings, conferences, at events, and photography shoots which will enhance the intern's learning experience and not violate the Fair Labor Standards Act.


    Advise the student on behavior appropriate for meetings and in relating to staff, clients, and others. Provide information on office hours, office procedures, and appropriate dress for staff in the organization.


    Brief staff members at the beginning of the internship about the purposes of the program, the roles and functions of the intern in the organization, and solicit staff cooperation in providing support and supervision for the student.


    Designate a regular weekly meeting time with the intern in order to review the student's progress, share observations, answer questions, assess overall performance, suggest area of improvement, and provide general support and encouragement.


    Communicate with the Coordinator at the student's educational institition (if requested) periodically; keep the Coordinator apprised of any problems in the relationship; outline steps necessary for improvement; and follow up to assess progress.

  • BACK-UP:

    Designate a staff member to provide supervision and assistance when the photographer is unavailable.


    Make time available at the end of the term to participate in the evaluation of the program's overall effectiveness.


    Review and sign off in the intern's summary of the internship experience for attachment to the academic transcript.


    Adhere to the regulations of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

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